Business card Floral


I wanted to make a double-sided design for this business card. To practice illustrating via Adobe Illustrator, I’ve added a floral design to this. I like plants and illustrations of plants. In my spare time, I love to doodle these.

Front side business card floral

I used a photo of my original doodle as inspiration. I imported this to Illustrator and traced it with the pen tool. After this, I refined the design even more. I put the illustration on the front and back. For added effect, I reversed the colors. The font of the design is very playfull, so it complements the design 
and the illustration.

Final result

I really like the outcome of this business card. It’s playful, but also elegant. The business card is quite minimalist, which means that the card can be used at different companies or functions. The colors and fonts can of course be adjusted. The number on the business card is fictitious.

Back of business card floral