Business card Clean


For this project, I wanted to design a business card with a botanical illustration. I chose a palm leaf for this. The business card is single-sided. I wanted to use different colors that go well together. I also wanted to add
minimal data.


The business card is intended as a template. I would like to practice illustrating via Adobe Illustrate. For this, I have the tutorial ‘Palm Leaf | Illustrator CC Tutorial # 274/365 ‘from the YouTube channel Yes I’m a Designer. In the design, I chose to remove the grain. So that the illustration looks 
more minimalist.

Final result

I think the result has turned out very cool. The business card is based on the tutorial. But of course, everything can still be adjusted. This way, the fonts, and colors can be adjusted as desired. I think that all design elements complement
each other.

Business card Leaf Final Result