Presentation Signify


Signify has commissioned us to provide advice for an e-commerce issue. For this, I made the presentation. The challenge here was to make many elements of our advice visually attractive.


I made the presentation with Canva. This is a tool where you can design and make presentations or reports. I had never used Canva before. But it works very well. I made the prototypes in the presentation together with my fellow students. For example, Adobe XD was used to visualize the prototypes, which were added to the presentation as a GIF.

Final result

Signify is the company behind Philips Hue products. They were very enthusiastic about the advice and visuals. The teacher and my group members were also enthusiastic about the presentation. Canva is a great tool that I will certainly use more often. The full presentation can be viewed via this link.

Slide of the presentation