Web design Cajö


Cajö is a cleaning company from Germany. I had the opportunity to design the website for Cajö together with one student. The challenge for us was the German language. We did not master these. This made it difficult to translate the texts for the website and to come up with good commercial texts. We managed this with the help of the owner of Cajö and a German student.

Web design Cajö
Corrections of the spelling

Cajö had sent several old flyers for inspiration. Various cleaning-related images are used on the flyer. Information about the company is also shared. The examples made it easier to use the text of the flyer and place it on the website. Of course, there were many mistakes, but with the help of a German student, we corrected this.

Final result
The website was eventually made with the Webador system. Due to my knowledge of website building, this process has been easy. Cajö is very satisfied with the result. Also because we have taken the existing house style into account. The website is visible via this link.
Spelling mistakes Cajö