Web design LegalGuard


LegalGuard is a legal consultancy, part of Achmea. They would like to attract a younger target group. For this, I issued advice together with my fellow students. I developed a prototype using Adobe XD.

Web design LegalGuard

The prototype consists of one page. We also recommend building a one-page website with a young and fresh look. The prototype has been tested through interviews. These were purchased through MS Teams. The target group indicated that the headings ‘services’ and ‘prices’ should be reversed. They also find the prototype very clear and well-arranged.

Final result

LegalGuard is very enthusiastic about the prototype. In the end, we chose to put the FAQ and the reviews on an external page, so that the one-pager did not become too long. The target group is also very enthusiastic. The website looks sleek and modern. You can test the prototype here.